Our Methodology

Our Tools /Methodology

To provide a motion student's progress we designed an unique called "DPPS". Under this pplan, student goven 15 questions in every class. DPPS ignite students thinking process and improve their temperament to face new and challenging problems with speed, accuracy and confidence.

Up to date and complete the set of study material are provided. These study material are complete in them so that reference to any other material is not required at all.

Exercise sheet are given to students on each subject as home assignments.These exercise are designed after through research and analysis of latest examination pattern of IIT-JEE and Medical & State level entrance examinations. Problems in exercise sheets cover application of all fundamentals of hat topic. Hence, after solving and getting clarified doubts sudent can assume that their preparation is complete in topic.

For each and every topic, we conduct doubt removal classes regularly after completion of theory of that topic.

What We Provide

1. Weekly 12 classes with 1 day weekly test.
2. Well equipped library and study room.
3. Self study facility with boys and girls with personal guidance within our premises.
4. Pick and drop facility for all only from hostel to institute & back.


(a) 12 classes/week of 2 hours each / Subject.
(b) Discussion class 2 hours / Weeks / Subject.
(c) Doubt clearing classes wih self study.

WE Stress On

1. To present the subject in logical, clear and comprehensive style.
2. How little need to be known in order to understand as much as possible.
3. The fundamental not on shortcuts as there is no shortcut to success.

What we do

1. With speculate schedule we finish the entire the entire syllabus at end of December so that we have enough to rivision.
2. In each and evry week ther will bea test and in every fortnight there will be rivision test.
3. One to one intraction teacher.
4. Each and every problem atleast two books will be done in doubt clearig classes.
5. Well furnished study material with selected question to improve the problems solving skill.